School Reverses PC Principal's Bans on Santa and Pledge of Allegiance

Fed-Up College Pres to 'Victimized' Students: 'This Isn't a Day Care!'

A Kentucky school production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has sparked outrage among parents, after the play was changed to remove all references to religion.

School district officials say they wanted to avoid a potential lawsuit after a parent complained.

But protesters of the Alliance Defending Freedom released this statement:

“Given that courts have consistently held that schools may organize and sponsor Christmas programs … there is no basis for the District’s decision to censor the religious aspects of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’”

Bill O’Reilly weighed in on “Outnumbered” today, saying that parents who don’t agree with the references shouldn’t bring their kids to see the show.

“These people who threaten to sue over religious references, we shouldn’t be caving in,” said the “Factor” host. “This is terrorism, too.”

“This [Christmas] is a national holiday, and if you don’t like it, then get the holiday revoked,” he continued. “But stop terrorizing people who like the holiday.”

The story comes just days after a New York City school district moved to reverse a principal’s controversial ban on the Pledge of Allegiance and Santa Claus.

“Little kids are being terrorized by these PC idiots,” said Bill.

“That’s not education, that’s propaganda.”

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