Report: ISIS May Be Printing Their Own Fake Passports

MD Man Accused of Receiving $9K from ISIS to Stage U.S. Terror Attack

Authorities in Austria have arrested two suspects who may be connected to the Paris terror attacks and were reportedly plotting another.

The two men are French citizens with Pakistani and Algerian roots.

But they had been posing as Syrian refugees with fake Syrian passports, Benjamin Hall reported on “Your World.”

The two were still living in a migrant shelter in the city of Salzburg when they were arrested over the weekend.

They apparently arrived in Greece back in October, possibly having traveled with refugees from the Middle East during the recent migrant surge.

Why the men would pose as refugees when they already had French passports – and clearance through many European borders – is still unclear.

But Austrian media indicates that the two had been waiting for orders to carry out another attack, and may have been part of an underground ISIS cell planning to wage jihad yet again.

The men had even bragged to other refugees and humanitarian volunteers about having been on the battlefield with ISIS, said Hall.

Watch more of this emerging report, above.

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