Priebus: 3rd GOP Debate Was 'Nothing But a Crap Sandwich'

Carlson to Priebus: Could Trump Change His Mind About GOP Pledge?

Reince Priebus has responded to reports claiming that he and other GOP leaders recently discussed the possibility of a brokered convention, saying that he hoped to clarify a floating narrative that has gotten “ridiculous.”

The RNC chairman went on “Your World” this afternoon to set the record straight.

Priebus described the dinner as “a monthly meeting among many, many meetings in Washington.”

The tableside conversation did not, as some have insinuated, revolve around how to minimize Donald Trump’s leading ranks in the polls, he added.

Rather, “for 20 minutes in a two-hour meeting, people asked questions about the primary process," Priebus told Neil Cavuto. "That was it."

These included, “What does it mean when a state is proportional?” and “What does a ‘winner-take-all’ mean?” he said.

“We’re in this space where we don’t pick winners, we don’t pick losers,” Priebus concluded. "We are going to support whoever the nominee is, and we're going to have a party better than it's ever been before."

Asked about rumors that Donald Trump is disliked by Republican leaders, Priebus replied, “I don’t think that’s the case.”

“We’ve talked to the Trump people, they know better,” he added.

Watch the chairman’s full interview, above.

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