National Guardsman Faces 30 Yrs in Prison for ISIS-Linked Terror Plot

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Authorities have arrested a man in Maryland who allegedly received thousands of dollars from ISIS to stage a terror attack on American soil.

Mohamed Elshinawy, a 30-year-old from Edgewood, Md., reportedly received nearly $9,000 from the terrorist organization.

Much of the transaction took place on – of all things – PayPal.

When first confronted by officials, Elshinawy lied, saying that his mother had sent him the money to buy an iPhone for a friend, Doug McKelway reported on “Your World.”

The suspect later confessed that a childhood friend in Egypt had put him in touch with an unidentified ISIS operative, who instructed him to use the money for “operational purposes,” according to a statement.

But Elshinawy still continued to insist he was innocent, claiming that he had taken the money to “scam ISIS.”

FBI surveillance tells a different story.

Reports say that the Maryland man had pledged allegiance to ISIS, telling the contact that he was a soldier of the state and even smiled every time he heard news of the group’s mass executions.

He has since been charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS, obstruction of agency proceedings and making false statements.

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