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Who Won the Las Vegas GOP Debate? Twitter Reacts

Marco Rubio went after Ted Cruz’s voting record in tonight’s Las Vegas GOP debate, criticizing the Texas senator for apparently not backing military funding.

“Three times, he voted against the Defense Authorization Act, which is a bill that funds the troops,” said Rubio.

The Florida senator said that Cruz had also voted against funding “the Iron Dome and other important programs,” and in addition, had moved to pass “a budget that would radically reduce the amount of money we spend on our military.”

“I have to assume that if you vote against it in the Senate, you would also veto it as president,” said Rubio. “You can’t carpet-bomb ISIS if you don’t have planes and bombs to attack them with."

“And if we continue those cuts that we’re doing now – not to mention additional cuts – we are going to be left with the oldest and the smallest air force that this country has ever had.”

Cruz admitted to his voting record on those bills, but went on to criticize Rubio’s foreign policy strategy by accusing him of aligning with President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism will face no more determined foe than I will be,” said Cruz.

Watch the candidates’ fiery clash above.

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