The hosts of "Outnumbered" criticized President Obama as "tone-deaf" after he proclaimed that "we are hitting (ISIS) harder than ever."

In remarks from the Pentagon, Obama said the U.S. strategy of training forces and stopping the group's financing and propaganda is progressing, and that U.S. airstrikes have successfully targeted key figures.

Obama said: "The point is, ISIL leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple: `You are next."'

The tough talk followed a meeting with his national security team, and before the Obamas head to Hawaii later this week for their annual Christmas vacation.

But the hosts of "Outnumbered" were less than impressed.

Andrea Tantaros said: "Frankly, I don't care what he just said. Because everything that he is doing runs counter to what we should be doing to counter radical Islamic jihadism."

She also had this tweet.

Judge Andrew Napolitano called it "a politically tone-deaf pre-Christmas public relations measure that in this instance satisfy no one but himself."

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky said she "profoundly" agreed with the "tone-deaf" assessment.

"He did not once address how to prevent more San Bernardinos. He did not once address the concerns that Americans have this holiday season ... He should have acknowledged the concerns people have at home," she said.

"What I think people want to hear ... is that they have a right to be concerned, and that he understands their concern and feels their pain."

Some on Twitter, including Republican presidential candidates Rand Paul and Jeb Bush, also criticized the President for focusing overseas instead of on the threat at home.

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