Rubio: If You Can't Be Vetted - Muslim or Not - You Should Not Be Allowed Into the U.S.

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The American people increasingly have zero confidence that the Obama administration has any idea how to keep our country safe, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said on "Hannity" tonight.

In particular, he said it defies all explanation that the government is not looking at social media as a factor in whether someone is allowed into the U.S., especially with all the refugees coming out of Syria.

The Florida senator asserted that the American people see clearly now that this is not an administration that’s serious or knows what they’re doing when it comes to national security.

He pointed out that many defense officials have acknowledged that ISIS is trying to infiltrate the Syrian refugee population, and there is just no way to properly vet everyone.

Therefore, he said, it's irresponsible and reckless for the Obama administration to let unknown, undocumented people into the U.S.

"If it’s an eight-year-old child who is an orphan, you can vet that. But the vast majority of people that are trying to come are people that we just don’t have information on," Rubio said. "You can run their name on the database a thousand times. Nothing’s going to pop up because there’s no databases for people coming from Syria."

Rubio explained that this is a deadly serious issue that our leaders have to be right on 100 percent of the time.

"You cannot afford to be wrong on even one, because if you’re wrong on one, that could be an ISIS killer that’s entered the U.S. and carries out a terrorist attack. There’s no margin of error when it comes to this."

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