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Everybody knows the traffic in New York City is a nightmare. But why?

Jesse Watters hit the gridlocked streets of the Big Apple to find out.

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You ever see the traffic this bad out here? 

"Yeah. Every day is bad out here."

What's going on out here?

"New York."

"Whose fault is this, all this traffic?"

"New York."

First, it's the homeless, then it's the traffic. [Mayor Bill] de Blasio's making us like Los Angeles.

"He's making us worse than Los Angeles."

Anything you want to tell the mayor?

"Not doing a good job. That's for sure."

Let me help you out a little bit...

Merry Christmas. Santa gave you gridlock.

You've got to clear the roadways or O'Reilly's going to have to take the subway to work. You don't want that.

"Sucks for him."

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip below.

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