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What I witnessed @ the Deerfield Beach DMV..

Posted by Victoria Nascimento on Friday, December 11, 2015

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The DMV is known for inducing rage, but a Florida woman took things to another level when she took her anger out on an officer who wrestled her to the ground.

In video uploaded to Facebook by another customer, 31-year-old Eleanor Stern appears to argue with staff for reasons that aren't entirely clear before the fed-up personnel asked a police officer to escort her from the building.

But she doesn't feel like leaving quite yet, and starts kicking the officer who had taken her by the arm.

The state trooper immediately takes Stern to the ground, and soon ends up on the floor himself.

"These are the people who protect you," Stern yells. "Even though I kicked his a**."

Stern crawls between the officer's legs and makes for the door, proclaiming "I'm out of here" before the cop finally subdues her.

But she's still not done, even as handcuffs can be heard being slapped onto her wrists.

"If you let me go then I won't make a scene," she says as the DMV customers erupt with laughter.

Stern now faces one count of resisting arrest without violence, WSVN reports. She has reportedly bonded out of jail.

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