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Actor Kurt Russell put gun control activists on blast during a recent interview.

"If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind," Russell said to anti-gun Hollywood reporter Jeffery Wells while promoting his new film, "The Hateful Eight." "I think it’s absolutely insane.”

"If I’m a hockey team and I’ve got some guy bearing down on me as a goaltender, I’m not concerned about what he’s gonna do — I’m gonna make him concerned about what I’m gonna do to stop him," Russell continued. "That’s when things change."

When Wells argued that people on the no-fly list can still easily obtain guns, Russell fired back.

"They can also make a bomb pretty easily. So what?" Russell said. "They can also get knives and stab you. [What are you] gonna do about that? They can also get cars and run you over. [What are you] gonna do about that?"

Listen to audio of the fiery exchange below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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