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The deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Screening Coordination in the Department of Homeland Security admitted she doesn't know how many Syrian refugees are in the United States.

At a joint subcommittee hearing on "Terrorism and the Visa Waiver Program" on Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Kelli Ann Burriesci how many refugees have entered the country in the past year

"Sorry, I didn’t bring any of the refugee numbers with me," Burriesci said.

Jordan continued, asking if Burriesci knew how many Americans have traveled to Syria in the past year.

"I don’t have that number on me either," she answered.

Under further questioning, she revealed that she also doesn't know how many visa waiver program overstays are currently in the U.S.

"You know why she doesn't know? Because they don't care," Tucker Carlson said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today. "They don't think it's a pressing issue. They don't think it's a real threat."

Clayton Morris said it's even more troubling that they might not have the mechanisms to get those numbers, even if they wanted to.

"These people are not just wrong on the ideas, they're totally incompetent," Carlson said. "These are the people who built the ObamaCare website. They're not good at the details ... That's why this whole thing ought to scare us a lot."

Watch more above and see the full exchange between Jordan and Burriesci below.

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