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Here's an amazing video that will make you look at skiing in a whole new light!

Some skiers wrapped themselves in LED lights and hit the slopes in Alaska and British Columbia in the dead of night to capture some visually stunning footage.

Director Zachary Ramras and skier Pep Fujas, with Sweetgrass Productions, told Bill Hemmer that they had the idea for the project for a couple years, but didn't have the funds to make it a reality until they were approached by Philips Television.

"We basically jumped on the ball and decided to pull the trigger," Ramras said.

The filmmakers used about 30,000 to 40,000 watts of electricity to light up the mountains in British Columbia’s Golden Alpine Holidays and Alyeska, Alaska.

"The lights just cascade across the hill," Fujas said. "We can see everything very well. The only troubling part is usually when you make a turn and the snow blows up in your face."

He added that trees on the slopes and potential avalanches also posed dangers, but luckily there were no issues.

How do people react when they see this? Hemmer asked.

"We've had just an amazing reaction," Ramras said. "People just love it."

Watch the "America's Newsroom" clip below and check out more amazing footage from the project, here.

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