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One British mom has come under fire for buying her children 300 Christmas presents.

Emma Tapping, a mother of three who lives on the Isle of Man in the U.K., shared a photo of her Christmas tree on Instagram, showing a massive pile of gifts nearly obscuring the tree.

People left comments on the picture accusing Emma of spoiling her children, "present bragging" and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

"It's her house. If she wants to buy them a lot of gifts, let her," Andrea Tantaros said on "Outnumbered." "Who am I to criticize?"

Julie Roginsky agreed that Tapping should be allowed to buy as many presents as she wants, but she shouldn't be surprised by the backlash after posting the photo to social media.

Sandra Smith asked if this gets away from the idea of giving at Christmastime.

"There's 'giving' and there's turning your kid into a monster," Katherine Timpf said. "I don't know exactly where this falls along that."

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