Congrats to Ainsley Earhardt and Her Husband on Their Gorgeous Baby Girl!

Baby on Board! Ainsley & Husband Expecting Their 1st Child

Ainsley Earhardt stopped by “Fox and Friends” this morning with a very special little guest – her adorable one-month-old daughter, Hayden!

Hayden was born a happy, healthy little girl in November. She is Ainsley and her husband Will’s first child.

Dr. Robert Hamilton, a California pediatrician famed for showing parents how to calm their crying babies, also visited the set.

He offered the new mom a live demonstration of his quick trick.

“Real quickly, we fold one arm in front, we put them in a prone position,” he explained.

Dr. Hamilton showed Ainsley how to gently hold baby Hayden from the bottom and rock her at a 45-degree angle.

“Now mind you, this is a very gentle rocking up and down,” he added.

Though the position may look “counterintuitive,” it works because “you’re neurologically overwhelming them,” the pediatrician explained.

He said if a baby still cries, it probably means they're hungry, not feeling well or in need of a change.

Check out the full demonstration, above.

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