Terror Expert: Don't Expect Calif. Attack to Be the Last on US Soil

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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight and ripped President Obama's response to the San Bernardino terror attack and the growing threat of radical Islamic terror.

Cruz pointed out how the president immediately stood up following the attack and called for more gun control.

"Anyone who watched President Obama’s speech after the San Bernardino attack was horrified," Cruz said. "This is a president who’s in denial, whose head is stuck in the sand."

Cruz noted that not only does Obama want to infringe on legal, law-abiding gun owners' Second Amendment rights, he still refuses to say the words "radical Islamic terror."

"He believes the bad guys are the American people," Cruz said. "This has been a consistent problem in the Obama administration ... they can't distinguish from good guys and bad guys."

"What you see is, the president over and over again acts as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists."

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