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A British reporter pushed back this morning against the notion that Brits overwhelmingly reject Donald Trump's ideas. 

After Trump called for a temporary ban on immigration to the U.S. by Muslims, a petition to ban him from the UK attracted more than 370,000 signatures.

Once a petition reaches 100,000 signatures it could be brought up for debate in the House of Commons, unless deemed unsuitable or unless the issue is being pursued "in another way," reported.

Katie Hopkins, a columnist for the UK Daily Mail, said on "Fox and Friends" that the huge response to the petition "is not the real story" in the UK. 

"The truth is [that] a quarter of the population here in the UK are right behind Donald Trump," she said.

Hopkins said the UK has been "ripped apart" by a drive toward multi-culturalism and that the country "isn't quite the way that petition reads."

She then went on to discuss Muslim areas in London that have been radicalized, where "people like me certainly would not want to walk."

Watch the full interview above.

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