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Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath says he has undergone hyperbaric treatments that have shown promise in healing post-concussion brain injuries. 

Namath's new claims come ahead of the release of the film "Concussion," which stars Will Smith as the Nigerian doctor who discovered the long-term link between concussions and lasting brain injuries in football players. 

Dr. Bennet Omalu penned a much-discussed New York Times op-ed this week in which he stated that kids should not play football.

Namath, who founded the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida, suffered years of brutal hits in the NFL. 

He said over seven months, he underwent 120 "dives" in the hyperbaric chamber and his brain function was tested after each 40.

"The tests improved with each group of dives and the brain showed a full blood flow and [was] working again the way it should be," said Namath. 

He said the study on his brain has been sent to the FDA, which requested 100 more studies be performed using the hyperbaric treatment. 

Namath said he's experienced improvement in his memory since the treatments. 

Varney also shared a fun fact: he once served the New York Jets team, including Namath, in 1973 as a waiter at the Stratford Motor Inn along I-95 in Connecticut.

Who knew?!

Watch the full interview above.

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