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When you think of cutting edge modern and contemporary art, you think of Jesse Watters.

"The Factor" sent Watters to the Art Basel exhibition in Miami to rub elbows with artists and celebrities, and to share his opinion on the many high-quality works of art on display.

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How much do you think this is going for? 

"I'm guessing $1.2 million."

"Is that supposed to be poop?"

This has... smell.

"I thought you were just smoking weed."

"No, not now."

How much are you selling this piece for?


"I'm looking at a pile of hotdogs."


Do you think they'd welcome O'Reilly down here?

"Oh yeah. He's a work of art. Why not?"

If liberals are so creative, why can't Obama create jobs?

"That might be the best question you've asked all day."

What should we do about ISIS?

"Maybe meditate?"

Are you a fan of Watters' World by any chance?

"You know I am... You're the hardest working guy there. I'm serious."

What are you doing in a place like this?

"Looking for Bill O'Reilly. Hey, Bill."

Watch the hilarious Watters' World clip below.

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