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On "The Kelly File" tonight, Glenn Beck told Megyn Kelly about his recent trip to Iraq, Slovakia and Sweden, where he was helping the Mercury One Nazarene Fund bring Iraqi Christians out of the Middle East.

He said it is incredibly volatile right now for Christians in the region, so they aim to relocate them to new countries where they can rebuild their lives.

Beck added that they're having extraordinary success at vetting refugees - even catching several Muslims who were pretending to be Christians.

He asserted that the Obama administration is not having similar success vetting the Syrian refugees that are coming to the U.S.

"It's not that hard to figure this out," Beck said. "You just have to have a willingness to say, 'It is about Islam.' There is a disease in Islam. And it must be addressed and it must be spoken."

"If you're not willing to say it, you're not going to win a war."

Watch part one of Megyn's interview with Beck above and part two below.

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