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6-Year-Old Forced to Eat Lunch Alone After He's 1 Minute Late for School

Public schools in a Florida district scrambled to alert parents and pull rice items from their cafeterias after a student found a dead mealworm in his lunch Tuesday.

As it turns out, that student at the Killarney Elementary School in Winter Park may have been one of the lucky ones. A closer look at the rice bags where his meal had originated later found the slithery creatures alive and wriggling, according to FOX 35.

Though the Department of Agriculture has assured people that eating cooked mealworms isn’t dangerous, that understandably has proved to be of little comfort to some parents.

"What else is it in?" asked Shauna Jackson in an interview with FOX 25. "Where are they storing it?"

Schools in the district passed a health inspection the next day, but they have yet to publicly identify the vendor that supplied the rice.

Watch more in FOX 35’s report, above.

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