Legal Gun Sales Skyrocket After San Bernardino Terror Attack

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In the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, the Obama administration and the mainstream media are pushing gun control.

Despite that, people are waiting in long lines at California gun stores, and business is up 60 percent at the gun store where the San Bernardino terrorists did their target practice.

Dana Loesch pointed out on "The Kelly File" that President Obama and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest encouraged Americans to go home over the Thanksgiving holiday and talk about gun control.

"And look what happened: Sales went through the roof that Friday," Loesch said, explaining that goes to show that the American people see things differently than the White House.

As for Obama calling on Congress to close a loophole that allows someone on the no-fly list to obtain firearms, Loesch pointed out that innocent Americans are on the list.

"There have been two-year-olds, eight-year-olds, my uncle was on this list! A Vietnam veteran!" Loesch said.

She pointed out that if the terror watch lists were so accurate at identifying dangerous individuals, then those individuals shouldn't just be prevented from purchasing weapons, they should be charged.

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