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Sen. Ted Cruz said this morning that he likes and respects Donald Trump, but disagrees with his controversial proposal to ban Muslims from coming into the United States.

Cruz said he doesn't think Trump has the "right approach" to address the issue of refugees coming from Syria and other Middle East nations. 

Cruz said instead of engaging in "personal insults and attacks" against Trump, he's trying to focus on solutions that he is putting forth. 

He said, for instance, a three-year moratorium should be placed on refugees coming into the U.S. from "countries where ISIS or al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory."

Cruz chuckled as he watched a clip of Trump telling a crowd Monday night that he would not attack the Texas senator.

“I like and respect Donald Trump. I don’t anticipate that changing at all,” said Cruz, adding that he's glad Trump has entered the race because he has helped focus attention on border security. 

Watch Sen. Cruz lay out what he is proposing, in the interview above.

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