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Chilling new details are emerging about terrorist Syed Farook and his movements in the months leading up to the San Bernardino attack.

Farook visited dozens of schools and restaurants in the area to conduct safety inspections, as part of his job as a county health inspector.

Adam Housley reported on "The Kelly File" that Farook had multiple suspicious photos of a local high school on his cell phone.

Amid authorities’ suggestions that Farook and his jihadi bride, Tashfeen Malik, possibly planned additional carnage, school officials feel they may have dodged a bullet.

Housley also reported that authorities now believe the dating website that Farook and Malik supposedly met on was very likely a cover, which he said suggests that Farook's family may not be telling the full truth.

Former CIA double agent Morten Storm told Megyn Kelly that the revelation about Farook's job as a health inspector goes to show that terrorists can come from all levels of society.

"Many of those who have joined ISIS from the West are very well-educated," Storm said, noting that doctors and IT professionals are among those who have been radicalized.

He added that he believes Farook and Tashfeen were inspired by a terror group, perhaps Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula or ISIS, but it's not clear what direct contact or support they might have gotten.

"I think we will [in] time discover that there's probably more people involved in this."

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