Cruz: 'I Like Trump' But I Disagree With His Muslim Immigration Ban

O'Reilly Explains How Trump's Muslim Ban Would Hurt the War on Terror

More than two-thirds of Donald Trump’s supporters say they would still vote for him as an independent, according to a new poll.

The poll was released Tuesday by USA Today and Suffolk University.

It indicates that 68 percent of Trump’s fans would stay loyal to the GOP presidential front-runner, should he decide to break from the Republican Party.

Just 18 percent say they would not vote for Trump as an independent.

“That, my friends, is a third-party potential threat,” Neil Cavuto said this afternoon.

Trump has said he “would certainly consider” running on his own if he doesn’t “get treated fairly” by the Republican Party establishment.

But it wouldn’t be that easy, Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino noted on “Your World.”

Initiating a third-party run would be incredibly expensive, though the financial barrier is less daunting to Trump than other candidates.

“I think the Republicans are making a huge, tactical mistake by following the lead of BuzzFeed or The New York Times in calling Donald an out-and-out racist,” said Gasparino.

“All’s he’s really said is, ‘Let’s take a break from bringing in certain people.'”

Watch Gasparino’s analysis below, and tune in at 8p ET tonight to catch Trump on The O’Reilly Factor.

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