Terror Expert: Don't Expect Calif. Attack to Be the Last on US Soil

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Megyn Kelly called out the media's shift away from the San Bernardino terror attack after less than a week to instead focus "nonstop" on Donald Trump's call for a ban on immigration to the U.S. by Muslims. 

Kelly said Tuesday's news coverage turned into an "incessant drumbeat" on Trump's remarks and interviews with the Republican presidential candidate.

She noted that his comments triggered 18+ hours of coverage, with the continuing developments in the California terror investigation taking a backseat.

Kelly said the media's "crowning moment" was when ABC News sent Barbara Walters to do a sit-down with Trump.

She pointed out that ABC's "World News Tonight" then talked about Trump for about 10 minutes before even mentioning San Bernardino.

"Do you remember terror?! The 14 dead and the 21 injured in California?" Kelly asked.

Kelly said Trump's proposal is, of course, big news, since he's the GOP frontrunner, but then explained that the majority of her show would be focused on the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

The Kelly File then highlighted the growing suspicions surrounding Syed Farook's mother and reports that the female attacker may have been a terror operative.

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