Krauthammer: Obama Linking Terrorism, Climate Change Is 'Simply Absurd'

Greta to Rep. Hunter: Why Hasn't Congress Declared War on ISIS?

On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld slammed the Obama administration and the media's response to the growing threat of terrorism, calling it a "raging case of terror denial."

He explained that they turn the war on terror into a debate over immigration or guns.

"It's the escape hatch from casting moral judgment on our enemies," Gutfeld said. "If it's about them and not us, then all that academic brainwash was a waste."

He called for people to stop talking about ISIS and terrorists, which gives them publicity and helps recruitment, and focus on defeating them.

"So shut up and shoot," Gutfeld said. "One humiliating defeat for ISIS and the bandwagon loses bandwidth. After all, the road to Armageddon is paved with political correctness."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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