LATEST: Farook May Have Aborted 2012 Plot; New Info on Gun Buyer

Growing Suspicions Over What Syed Farook's Mother Knew About Terror Plot

FBI Director James Comey, who is testifying on Capitol Hill today, acknowledged that encryption is a "big problem" and terrorists and criminals will al­ways have ways to hide their communications from the government.

Catherine Herridge reported on "Your World" that the growing use of encryption technology is giving people "unparalleled ability" to communicate, making it next to impossible for agents to find out exactly what they're saying

Herridge also reported that there is new information in the ISIS-inspired shooting in Garland, Texas, in May, which she described as "a template for how these domestic terrorism cases go down."

Herridge said that Comey testified today that the suspects, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, had "gone dark" using encrypted communications.

"In one case, one of the suspects sent 109 hidden messages to the other. Now, not the FBI nor the company behind the encrypted app have unlocked the messages and their content to this day."

Watch the report above.

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