Protests Erupt in Chicago After Release of Police Shooting Video

Chicago Officials Release Video of White Cop Shooting Black Teen 16 Times

Hundreds of protesters remain in Chicago’s streets hours after Mayor Rahm Emanuel publicly apologized for last year’s controversial police shooting of a black teenager.

Mike Tobin reported live from the scene this afternoon that demonstrators have been marching through the city’s Magnificent Mile district.

Unlike the protests in Ferguson, “they brought it here to where the money is,” he said.

“They took the demonstrations out of their own neighborhoods – the troubled neighborhoods,” he explained. “And certainly, a different crowd of people will pay attention.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel had pledged in an emotional speech today to wage “complete and total” police reform.

But so far that has failed to slow continued calls for his resignation and that of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Alvarez is up for reelection in March, while Mayor Emanuel has another three years left in his term.

“There isn’t a legal mechanism on the books to get a seated mayor out of office in the city of Chicago,” said Tobin, noting that one organization is already putting together a petition to that effect.

Demonstrators have already forced out Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and prompted a wide-ranging civil rights investigation of the department.

Protesters now are chanting “16 shots and a cover-up,” in reference to the number of shots fired at 17-year-old Laquan McDonald last October.

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