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Donald Trump is facing yet another fierce backlash from Republicans and Democrats after proposing a ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S.

Trump said on On the Record that the move is necessary after the San Bernardino terror attack due to the "tremendous animosity" by some Muslims towards Americans.

Laura Ingraham reacted this morning on "Fox and Friends," predicting that establishment Republicans are going to ramp up their efforts to oust Trump from the race. 

She said she believes it will all culminate with a "crisis" at the Republican National Convention this summer. 

"This could ultimately lead to a crisis at the convention where the Republican Party basically rips itself apart to prevent him from becoming the nominee. I really believe we're headed toward that. I think there’s too much money and too many people that think someone like him would be an utter disaster for trade, for immigration and they’ve got to stop him," she said. 

Ingraham said she does not believe Trump's poll numbers will suffer due to this latest controversy, predicting that Trump's supporters will "dig in" and vote for him. 

Watch her full analysis above.

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