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New surveillance video shows restaurant workers taking matters into their own hands when confronted by a robber.

The suspect apparently walked into New Orleans’ Bud’s Broiler demanding money and threatening to pull a gun, Arthel Neville said on “Happening Now.”

He probably didn’t expect what would come next.

Footage shows two employees literally fighting off the man as he rifles through the cash register.

They chased him out of the restaurant and even threw a potted plant through the window of his truck.

The restaurant’s general manager, Melvin Ziegler, said they managed to get all the money back.

While Ziegler said he wouldn’t have advised staff to respond that way, he said he was thankful they were able to stop the robbery.

Police later booked the suspect, identified as 43-year-old Ismael Naranjo.

“Looking at the mugshot of the guy that did the crime, he definitely came out on the wrong end of the stick on that one,” he said.

Watch the footage below.

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