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Legal gun sales are skyrocketing in the United States following last week's terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 people dead at an office Christmas party. 

William La Jeunesse broke down the numbers this morning on "America's Newsroom." 

Though gun sales often spike after such an attack, he explained that ordinary Americans appear to be increasingly interested in taking classes and obtaining permits so they can carry a gun outside the home. 

Sheriffs in Florida and New York have called on legal gun owners to carry and be prepared to act in an active shooter situation. 

La Jeunesse said the jump in gun sales is occurring nationwide, not just in California. 

Background checks on Black Friday - even before the San Bernardino attack - equated to 8,000 guns being sold every hour.

On the current pace, 2015 is projected to be a record-setting year for legal gun sales nationwide.

Of course, the national debate continues about whether more legally-obtained guns will make the country safer. 

On one side, supporters argue that the rate of violent crime, including murder, is the lowest in decades, despite more and more guns being sold. 

Gun control proponents, like President Obama, counter that there must be more restrictions, pointing out that the San Bernardino terrorists were able to obtain their guns legally. 

Watch William's full report above and let us know what you think.

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