Legal Gun Sales Skyrocket After San Bernardino Terror Attack

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As news broke of the terror attack in San Bernardino last Wednesday, Dr. Michael Neeki was one of the first to respond.

As a member of the Inland Valley SWAT Team, the ER doctor grabbed his legally-owned weapon and raced with others to the scene. 

He entered the building while the situation was still considered an active shooting situation and was one of the first doctors to aid the wounded.

Now, Dr. Neeki, an Iranian-American who fought in the Iran-Iraq War, is telling his incredible story and urging his fellow immigrants to “choose a side" so that all Americans can come together. 

“When you swear and you become a national citizen of this country and are using these resources to get where you are, show the loyalty to community,” he said on “Happening Now” this morning.

Neeki said this isn't about religion anymore, but about protecting the Constitution and our individual freedom from ISIS. 

Neeki was imprisoned three times in Iran - including at age 13 - for speaking out against the Islamic regime.

"I had to leave to save my life," he said.

Dr. Neeki also implored officials to step up their response to future terror attacks, describing current efforts as “terrible.”

“Right now, you’re relying on volunteer doctors to show up there,” he explained. “How many volunteer doctors are you going to find that quit their job and come to these scenarios – and also put their lives on the line?”

Watch Dr. Neeki’s powerful interview with Jenna Lee above.

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