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The widow of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle put her sharpshooting skills to the test in an "American Sniper Shootout" for charity.

Taya Kyle challenged reigning NRA champion Bruce Piatt to the competition in Central Texas.

The competition was set up as a war-like scenario, complete with exploding cars and other special effects.

For the contest, Taya used a new computer-equipped rifle developed by TrackingPoint, which fires the weapon for the user when the crosshair lines up with the target, and which Kyle says could be a lifesaver on the battlefield.

Using that technology she was able to defeat Piatt, even at a distance of 2100 yards -- the same distance Chris Kyle successfully hit an enemy insurgent in Sadr City, Iraq, famously depicted in the film "American Sniper."

Proceeds from the contest went to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which aims to help enrich the family relationships of those who serve.

Taya said the foundation follows the Bible's instruction for family structure.

"In the Bible it says God first, marriage second, kids third -- when you do that everybody's solid and happy," she said.

The event raked in about half a million dollars for the foundation.

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