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A New Jersey councilwoman resigned from her position last week over the use of the word “Christmas.”

Charlene Storey’s announcement came after the Roselle Park City Council voted on Thursday to call a holiday tree lighting ceremony a “Christmas tree lighting” – a move she later called “exclusionary.”

Storey handed in her resignation, though this has since been rescinded, said Mayor Carl Hokanson.

Mayor Hokanson joined “Fox and Friends” this morning to explain why he is standing by the council’s decision.

The city’s reasoning behind the renaming is quite simple, and never meant to offend anyone, he told Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“I feel strongly that it is a Christmas tree, and it is a lighting. So therefore, it will be a 'Christmas tree lighting,'” he said.

The mayor emphasized that he has respect for “everybody’s rights” in regard to this semantics debate, and he will even be calling Councilwoman Storey this holiday season.

“I will be calling saying ‘Happy holiday’ to her, and I will be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to everybody else,” he said.

Watch the full interview above, and read more, here.

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