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Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on "Fox News Sunday" that there's no "magic bullet" to defeat terrorism, but a "conglomerate" of things we need to do.

"First of all," Carson said, "we have to teach everyone the importance of vigilance and not being afraid to report something. Even if you get nine false alarms, if one of them turns out to be positive, it's worth it."

"And we have to stop demonizing people who are trying to be good citizens," he added, apparently referring to a neighbor of the San Bernardino shooters who didn't want to report them for suspicious behavior because she didn't want to be accused of racial profiling.

Finally, he said that we're going to need to "do a much better job of monitoring the Internet," and staying on top of "the things that cause people to be radicalized."

Chris Wallace questioned Carson about how he'd address his slipping position in the polls since the terror attacks in Paris and California.

Carson said he would continue to talk about "logical policies for how we work things out."

"The nice thing is, this is a marathon, it's not a sprint.  Otherwise, you know, it would already be over.  So, we have plenty of time to get messages out and to talk to people."

Carson also suggested that international experience isn't necessarily the most important factor in a candidate, otherwise Hillary Clinton would be the best choice, "and you see where that has led."

“I’ve probably had the most experience making life or death decisions, probably far more 2 AM phone calls than anybody else,” he said.

Watch the interview above.

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