Judge Nap: 'When Guns Are Outlawed, Only the Outlaws Will Have Guns'

Ex-FBI Official: Here's Why Banning Guns Is No Longer an Option

Concealed carry should be encouraged in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said on "The Real Story" today.

Paul explained that self-defense is a good way to stop terror attacks like what occurred in Paris and San Bernardino, so he's in favor of making it easier for citizens to protect themselves.

He said that stricter gun control won't do anything except keep guns out of the hands of those who need them for self-defense.

"I don't think more gun control is the answer," Paul said, adding that concealed carry should be encouraged across the country.

"I'm all for self-defense. I think it lets the attackers know that if they want to come attack us in this country, that we will kill them and that we will defend ourselves."

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