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A New York county sheriff is urging residents who can legally carry a firearm to do so following the San Bernardino mass shooting Wednesday that killed 14 people.

“In light of recent events that have occurred in the United States and around the world I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to PLEASE DO SO,” Ulster County Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum wrote in a Facebook post Thursday afternoon. “I urge you to responsibly take advantage of your legal right to carry a firearm. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, make sure you are comfortable and proficient with your weapon, and knowledgeable of the laws in New York State with regards to carrying a weapon and when it is legal to use it."

Van Blarcum explained to Jenna Lee on "Happening Now" today that law enforcement and the community are partners in crime prevention, so if a citizen is responsible and proficient with a firearm, then he wanted to encourage them to carry their weapon.

"I can use all the help I can get," Van Blarcum said. "I respect the people in Ulster County that have handguns."

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Posted by Ulster County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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