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Fox Business’ Kennedy and Montel Williams had a tense exchange last night after Montel proposed a gun registry for all gun owners in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting.

Montel pointed out that one must go through a rigorous process to get a driver's license and register their vehicle, and asked why it can't be that way for guns.

"This is not about guns," Kennedy sighed. "This is not about making it more difficult."

She pointed out that places like California or Chicago, Illinois, have strict gun laws, but also an enormous amount of gun violence.

"Why don’t we use this as an opportunity to register gun owners?" Montel insisted. "Because American citizens who could be radicalized in any direction are sitting there as your neighbor. So why can’t I have a registry of who has them?"

Kennedy asked if we should start a "bomb registry" as well.

Williams clarified that he's a gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment, but he wants to make it more difficult for "crazy" people to obtain guns.

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