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Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancee is accusing the HIV-positive actor of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence.

Scottine Ross told FOX411's Diana Falzone that she filed a complaint in California Superior Court this week because she wants justice.

"If I wanted money, I would have kept our child," Ross said. "If I wanted money, I would have kept quiet. I want justice."

According to her complaint, Ross, a former adult entertainer who goes by the name Brett Rossi, first met Sheen in November 2013 and agreed to have sex with him for $10,000.

She said that she continued to have sex with Sheen for months before finding out he was HIV-positive.

Sheen, however, claimed on the “Today Show” in November that he had told all of his sexual partners about his HIV status before sleeping with them.

“If he would have told me from day one, from the first time that we met, there would have never been a relationship,” Ross said. “I never would have been sexually active with him.”

She said she stayed with Sheen after finding out he was HIV-positive because she was in love, and he promised a normal, family life, complete with children.

Ross said that everything changed, however, when she told him she was pregnant with his child.

In the complaint, Ross says she became pregnant in March 2014 and Sheen became extremely upset. She says he told her he didn’t want his child to have his HIV-positive blood type and asked her to have an abortion. When she refused, he “erupted into a fit of rage” and threatened to “kick her to the curb.”

Ross, who said she has tested negative for HIV, explained that she hopes that telling her story - and pursuing the lawsuit - will embolden other women who have felt powerless.

"If I, the fiancee, speaks up and leads a pack, then maybe it gives other people strength."

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