Police: 2 San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Dead, 1 Male and 1 Female

WATCH: Police and San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Exchange Gunfire

The suspects who stormed a holiday party in California’s San Bernardino County on Wednesday and carried out a deadly shooting that killed 14 have been identified as Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

Police last night said that Farook, 28, and Malik, 27, were wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles when they opened fire at a party for the county health department at the Inland Regional Center.

Farook (pictured below) had worked as an environmental specialist for the health department for five years, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters.

He is said to have been born in the U.S., while the nationality of Malik – believed to be his wife – has not been confirmed.

Details about Farook’s life continue to emerge. But coworkers have described him as a “devout” Muslim, who'd just come back from paternity leave after having a baby with Malik, reportedly a pharmacist.

Hours after escaping the scene on Wednesday, the two were killed in a dramatic gun battle with up to 20 police officers.

They are said to have left their baby - now 6 months old - behind.

Authorities are now working to determine the pair's motive, and have not ruled out terrorism.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that the SUV they used had been equipped with "rollout bags," pipe bombs, and extra ammunition, Anna Kooiman reported on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

Farook and Malik apparently brought in two AR-15 assault rifles and two semi-automatic handguns - all of which were purchased legally, said Will Carr.

“They came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission,” said Chief Burguan.

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