Man Returns $1,300 Found in Domino's Delivery, Gets Free Pizza for a Year

Rat Carries Slice of Pizza in NYC Subway, Becomes Internet Sensation

An amazing new creation combining three beloved fast-food items has just surfaced online.

Behold… the taco fries pizza!


People can't decide whether to love it or to hate it.

And the person who uploaded the mouthwatering – or gag-inducing – photo on Imgur yesterday whetted one reporter’s investigative appetite, leading Irish newspaper The Daily Edge to a pizzeria named Mr. Kebab.

The restaurant’s spokesperson explained that it all started with one imaginative customer.

“It’s just a special request,” said the representative. “One customer comes in and orders it about once a month.”

The restaurant has said it may consider adding the pizza to its regular menu, but only if it's popular enough.

Would you order this pizza? And have you ever come across one like it here?

Let us know in the comments, and see more on this story, here.

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