Husband & Wife ID'ed as Suspected Gunmen in San Bernardino Mass Shooting

'I'll Take a Bullet Before You Do': Watch CA Officer Lead Workers to Safety

Stuart Varney asked Judge Andrew Napolitano about so-called "gun-free zones," which are common in California, where two shooters killed 14 people yesterday at a San Bernardino office complex.

Napolitano said these locations should really be called "no-gun zones," with the word "free" removed.

"They're the most dangerous places on the planet. ... It's like shooting fish in a barrel," he argued.

He remarked that if an off-duty police officer enters a building where guns are prohibited, he or she would have to check their firearm at the door. 

"The last line of defense against these monsters is an armed populace," he said.

Watch the judge's remarks above and his full-throated defense of the Second Amendment earlier today, here.

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