Police: 2 San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Dead, 1 Male and 1 Female

WATCH: Police and San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Exchange Gunfire

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan offered the latest information to reporters this morning on the mass shooting at an office Christmas party, which killed 14 people.

The suspects were earlier identified as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. Both died in a shootout with police after officers pursued their black SUV.

Farook (pictured below) worked as an environmental specialist for the health department for five years, said Burguan.

Here's some of the updated information Burguan provided: 

- The number of wounded was revised from 17 to 21.

- About 300 state, local and federal officers responded to Inland Regional Center and many then moved to the scene of the shooting that killed the suspects. 

- It's believed the suspects fired 65 to 75 rounds from their rifles. Two unexploded pipe bombs - wrapped together - were found in the SUV, with a remote-control toy car detonator. 

- Suspects wore black tactical gear to hold ammo and equipment, but were not wearing bulletproof vests.

- 23 officers fired approximately 380 rounds at the suspects at the scene of the shootout.

- The suspects fired about 76 rifle rounds at officers from the SUV when the pursuit ended.

- Suspects had more than 1,600 rounds of ammo in the SUV, which had been rented a few days before.

- One officer sustained a non life-threatening bullet wound to the leg. Another suffered cuts from broken glass or shrapnel. 

- 12 pipe bomb-type devices and tools for building IEDs were found at the suspects' house in Redlands.

- No credible information that there is any ongoing threat. 

- No information at this time that the suspects wore GoPros or any cameras during the shooting.

- Farook was at the party/luncheon, then left, and returned with his wife.

- Unclear yet if Farook was angry when he left the party.

- The motive has still not been determined. 

- The doors to the building where the suspects entered and the party room were unlocked. 

- Appears to be a "degree of planning" that went into the attack. 

- Suspect was still an employee of the county. 

- Farook purchased the two handguns legally. The rifles were purchased legally, but not by Farook. 

- Farook had no criminal record. 

- Unclear where the couple's six-month-old daughter is now.

- Witnesses identified Farook as an employee who was at the party and the possible shooter. Police then responded to the Redlands residence and located the SUV that had been spotted leaving the scene of the attack. 

From David Bowdich, Assistant Director in Charge of FBI's Los Angeles Field Office:

- Still too early confirm or rule out links to international terrorism. 

- Suspects came into U.S. in July of 2014 and had gotten married sometime after that. 

- Farook was a U.S. citizen and his wife was here on a K-1 visa.

- Refused to comment on whether there was contact between the couple and known terror suspects overseas.

- Unclear all of the countries visited by Farook. He visited Pakistan at one point and wife came here on a Pakistani passport. 

- Did not confirm that suspects had traveled to Saudi Arabia. 

- Premature right now to define this as terrorism or say what inspired the attack. 

Stay tuned to Fox News throughout the day for the latest updates on this developing story. 

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