WATCH: Police and San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Exchange Gunfire

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FBI Not Ruling out Terrorism in California Shooting

Police in San Bernardino, Calif., confirmed that two gunmen who shot and killed 14 people in a county office building are dead — one man and one woman.

The shooting began at the Inland Regional Center, a state-run facility to assist people with developmental disabilities, around 11a local time.

UPDATE 10:20p ET: Adam Housley reported on "Hannity" that a possible suspect "in play" in the shooting has been identified as Syed Farook, according to The Los Angeles Times and multiple other sources.

He said the female accomplice's name has not been released.

Housley also reported that authorities now believe there were only two shooters involved in the attack.

UPDATE 8:40p ET: San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said in a news conference that one male suspect and one female suspect were killed during a gun battle with police.

He said that a third person who was seen running away has been detained. Burguan said they do not know if this person was involved in the shooting.

UPDATE 8:34p ET: Adam Housley reported on "The O'Reilly Factor" that federal law enforcement sources have told him that a suspect in the shooting is a female.

UPDATE 8:18p ET: Bill O'Reilly said that The Washington Post reported that a local law enforcement official confirmed that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found a suspected pipe bomb on one of the suspects.

UPDATE 7:18p ET: Adam Housley reported that nearby residents reportedly are being told to shelter in place.

UPDATE 7:06p ET: Shepard Smith reported that a suspect in today's shooting is believed to be on the loose in a residential neighborhood and police are searching home-to-home.


UPDATE 6:47p ET: Shepard Smith reported that one suspect is lying in the street in a pool of blood. He said it appears that one suspect is in the back of the SUV, and another may be in the front seat.

He added, however, that it is still not confirmed if all suspects are killed or in custody.

UPDATE 6:25p ET: San Bernardino Police Sgt. Vicki Cervantes said in a news conference that the number of injured in the shooting at Inland Regional Center has risen to 17, and the number of dead has remained at 14.

UPDATE 6:19p ET: There are reports of an exchange of gunfire. One suspect is reportedly down, one is in an immobilized SUV and one is on the run, according to initial reports.

Aerial shots appear to show an SUV that had been shot multiple times:

UPDATE 6:13p ET: Police are in active pursuit of a suspicious vehicle in San Bernardino.

UPDATE 5:39p ET: Shepard Smith reported that a witness described one of the gunman as having a bigger build, wearing a black mask and black tactical gear and carrying a big gun.

UPDATE 4:59p ET: San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said in a news conference that there are up to 14 people dead and 14 injured.

He said that up to three suspects fled the scene - possibly in a dark SUV - and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

UPDATE 4:48p ET: Shepard Smith reported that Lavinia Johnson, executive director of the Inland Regional Center, said that the conference center where the shooting occurred had been rented out to a group not associated with the center for a holiday party.

Shep reported that group is possibly the county's Department of Public Health.

UPDATE 4:30p ET: Shepard Smith said that KTLA is reporting that a black Yukon SUV has been found abandoned.

Authorities have not confirmed that information or where the Yukon was reportedly found.

UPDATE 4:09p ET: Authorities are currently searching a Yukon SUV.

A bomb squad is now inside the building to scan for more devices after the first suspicious device was confirmed to be "neutralized," reported Trace Gallagher.

The conference room where some say the gunmen first opened fire is now said to have been rented out.

Police are working to find out who the people inside were to try to determine a potential motive.

UPDATE 4:02p ET: Authorities are asking the public to be on the lookout for a black Yukon SUV that may have served as the getaway car for the shooter or shooters.

Doors are now locked at the San Bernardino City Hall.

Local airspace has also been ordered to be cleared out, though the reason has not been specified, Trace Gallagher reported.

UPDATE 3:44p ET: Reports suggest that police are now assembling a battering ram to gain access to one of the buildings.

FBI and ATF teams are now on the scene as authorities continue to search for the gunmen.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that law enforcement sources tell them they are looking for at least three heavily armed shooters who fled the scene in a SUV, Shepard Smith said.

Fox News cannot yet confirm these reports independently.

UPDATE 3:38p ET: Glenn Willwerth, a witness at the scene, told Shepard that he saw someone “enter into a “black SUV and slowly pull away," though he could not be sure if the person was in fact the gunman.

“He was headed towards me, so I thought that we were actually going to be able to get a good look at him,” he said.

“But it turns out he veered away, and just calmly drove away very slow. I don’t know if that was them, or you couldn’t tell who was in it.”

Some have reported as many as 20 people shot, Shepard Smith said.

Authorities are evacuating a building at the center after a suspicious package was found inside, Trace Gallagher reported.

“It’s a very active scene,” Sgt. Vicki Cervantes, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino Police Department, told reporters. “It’s very fluid.”

Witness reports suggest conflicting information on what the suspects - or suspects - were wearing.

One account suggests that one or two shooters dressed in ski masks and bulletproof vests walked in and opened fire.

Another report said that someone dressed in camouflage was trying to leave the building, but was barricaded by law enforcement officers.

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