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Chris Christie slammed President Obama this morning for what he described as living “in his own world.”

Asked why the White House continues to downplay the threat of ISIS to the American people, Christie replied, “Because the president lives in the world as he wishes it were, not as it really is.”

“We’ve seen this over and over,” the GOP presidential candidate continued.

“For him to say that ISIS is contained, then the next day they kill Parisians in cold blood … For him to say our borders are secure, when we know they’re not.”

Even FBI Director James Comey has contradicted the president’s assurances on vetting Syrian refugees, Christie pointed out.

“This is a guy who doesn’t listen to any of the people he hires,” said the New Jersey governor.

“This is a man who lives in his own world, his fantasy world, as he wishes it were.”

See more of Christie’s interview on “Fox and Friends” above.

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