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Rudy Giuliani criticized President Obama this afternoon for linking the threat of terrorism to climate change.

“It’s one of the more inexplicable things, and he’s done a few inexplicable things as president,” said the former New York City mayor.

“He must be getting some pretty bad advice.”

Giuliani has studied Islamic terrorism and its various interpretations “for 30, 40 years,” he told Neil Cavuto.

“These are ideas that people have. And the ideas don’t come from the fact that it’s cold out or warm out,” he said. “It’s got nothing to do with climate change.”

While Giuliani said he wasn’t criticizing Obama for attending this week’s Paris climate change conference, “the president’s wrong,” he added, in suggesting that “somehow by fixing climate change … he’s going to fix terrorism.”

“That’s absurd. There’s no connection between the two things,” he added.

 “It’s like saying I’m going to fix terrorism by curing cancer.”

Watch Mayor Giuliani’s interview above.

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