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As Iraqi troops and pro-government militiamen prepare to retake the ISIS-held town of Ramadi, Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) warned that the involvement of powerful, Iran-backed Shiite Muslim militias could cause major problems.

North explained "On The Record" tonight that Iran is actually pulling the strings in Iraq in an attempt to gain control of the Euphrates River.

He said that if those Shiite militias enter Ramadi, which is a Sunni Muslim city, it will be a "bloodbath of biblical proportions."

"That's why this thing's going to be a disaster," North said, explaining that the U.S. should have helped encourage Sunni opposition to ISIS.

"You're about to see - if it actually takes place - a battle that is going to create enormous civilian casualties, because that's the way the Iranians fight," North said. "And it's going to be devastating."

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