Iraq War Vet and Mother of 2 Killed in Planned Parenthood Attack

Garrett Swasey Identified as Officer Who Died in Planned Parenthood Shooting

On "The Kelly File," Megyn Kelly took a look at the media's rush to assign blame after mass shootings. 

Though some reports indicated the Planned Parenthood shooter was motivated by an opposition to abortion, authorities have not confirmed it yet. 

Trace Gallagher reported that the documents detailing the evidence remain sealed.

Authorities have not confirmed reports about the shooter making rambling statements about "baby parts" after the shooting or that the shooter handed out anti-Obama pamphlets.

Meantime, in the National Review, columnist Jim Geraghty called out the selective arguments that often follow mass shootings in America.

He wrote:

Wouldn’t Occam’s Razor suggest that those already driven by a desire or compulsion to kill other people are going to do so, and will merely latch on to whatever “reason”, justification or excuse is at hand or is most convenient? Isn’t it ridiculous to expect sane people to watch what they say and restrict what thoughts they express in order to prevent a rampage by someone with an inherently illogical, literally unreasonable, not-sane thinking process?

Isn’t “don’t say what you think, because it might set off a crazy person” the most insidious form of censorship, because none of us can really know what prompts a crazy person to go on a violent rampage?

One of many examples cited by Geraghty was the left's reaction to videos showing anti-police protesters calling for violence against police officers.

Kelly pointed out that those who called for police to be "fried like bacon" weren't blamed by the left for subsequent shootings of police officers.

Watch the follow-up discussion with Howard Kurtz and Chris Stirewalt below.

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