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On "The Kelly File" tonight, Megyn Kelly asked if the Obama administration is treating the police shooting in Chicago differently than similar incidents in Ferguson or Baltimore because of the president's relationship with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel, known as one of President Obama's closest confidants, is facing growing calls for his resignation.

The city of Chicago has had days of protests following the release of a video showing a black teenager being shot by a white police officer 16 times.

Megyn pointed out that two days after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Attorney General Eric Holder said the case needed to be reviewed, and one month later, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the city. Megyn added that the reaction was similarly swift after Freddie Gray died in Baltimore while in police custody.

"In Chicago, it took six months for them to announce any DOJ involvement. Six months!" Megyn said. "And we haven't heard the president making a deal out of this, or [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch."

Guest Richard Fowler said he doesn't see a difference in treatment in this case, but acknowledged there are problems at Chicago's city hall.

"This isn't about problems at city hall," Megyn countered. "This is about problems at the White House, and disparate treatment whether [Obama's] friend is running the city at issue."

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