Krauthammer: Obama Linking Terrorism, Climate Change Is 'Simply Absurd'

Greta to Rep. Hunter: Why Hasn't Congress Declared War on ISIS?

On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld wondered why the Paris summit on climate change is receiving so much more attention than the threat of terror.

He suggested that it might be because those who are concerned with climate change are often wealthy, educated people in the spotlight, such as Prince Charles, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore.

"But, I beg you: Try finding a poor Indian, a working class Asian or a struggling Latino on the activist front, trampling over the shrines to the Paris attacks," Gutfeld said. "No, they are almost entirely white, European elitists who wish to deny cheap fuel to the billion third-world [people] not on the electricity grid."

He added that when you ensure poverty to a billion people, a "death cult" like radical Islam actually becomes viable.

"So, climate panic helps terror in two ways: By diverting resources from the fight and punishing the poor," Gutfeld said.

He explained that those who are primarily concerned with terror as opposed to climate change are often regular, everyday people, as opposed to celebrities.

"Could that be why the climate crusade gets the summits, the attention and the accolades that terror warriors never get?" Gutfeld wondered. "Imagine if we flipped this and made the war on terror the glamorous one. ISIS wouldn't stand a chance."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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